How to Paint a Room

  • October 13, 2015

Painting a room might not seem like a big deal. But before diving in without preparing, avoid making a painting mistake by adhering to these tips.
Tape – Tape is going to be your best friend during the paint process. While taping the room is an extremely time consuming process, it will ultimately give your finished product a polished and professional look. Use the tape everywhere: light fixtures, moldings, windows, doors, outlets, and any thermostats or other wall fixtures. Tape is also great if you are going to be painting a pattern such as stripes as it will help keep your lines even and straight.
Brushes and Rollers – Do some research before just buying brushes. Are you covering a large area? Bigger rollers are probably your best bet. But be sure you have a smaller brush for corners and getting up against the tape.
Tarps and Drop Cloths – Protect your floors! If the flooring hasn’t been put in yet, you won’t have to worry nearly as much. But if you’re trying to protect carpet, hardwood, or even tile flooring, taking extra care to lay down a tarp and secure it will save you the hassle of later having to figure out how to clean off the paint.
Ventilation – The fumes from paint should not be inhaled at length or in large doses. Be sure to have lots of ventilation and airflow. Use fans, open windows, and keep air flowing throughout the house to keep yourself safe.
Attire – No matter how hard you try, you will get messy. Wear old clothing that you don’t care about or that you had planned to toss anyways. These make great project outfits so you can focus on the task at hand and not keeping your new jeans spot free.
Make it Fun – Have fun! Painting can get tiresome and monotonous after some time. But crank up some music, have some snacks nearby, and make it into an adventure so the time fly by and memories are made. Now enjoy your room!

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