Best Home Safety Features

  • April 10, 2015

Whether you are moving or simply reevaluating your home’s current features, safety is always a major issue that should be considered. Which of the following will you use?
Sensor lights are a useful feature for a variety of reasons. For one, they save energy by not remaining on all the time. They also work well for deterring unwanted visitors. Any motion is detected by the sensors and automatically floods a specific area with light.
Camera systems these days usually hook up to an app that allows you to view the area being monitored 24/7 from any smart device. A camera system gives you the ability to have eyes on an area at all times. Many even come with the capability to record in case you ever need to go back and check on something. Do some research before you make a purchase to ensure you buy the system that works well for you and your needs.
An alarm system can be added to your home, alerting you when a door, window, or any entryway is tampered with or trespassed.
A dog does wonders for protecting you and your home. Intruders are less likely to target or deal with a house that has an extremely loyal companion.
Bushes, especially those with thorns, strategically placed outside of windows deter those considering breaking and entering through a window. Others can view what is normally considered a landscape enhancement as an unwanted obstacle.
Fences can beautiful way to frame your property. It can also be seen as yet another roadblock from the outside. While not necessarily always viewed as a safety feature, a fence serves to maintain your property and keep unwanted visitors out.
And last, but definitely not least, is locking doors and windows. It is astounding how many crimes are averted by simply locking entryways. Most intruders looking for a snatch-and-grab will do anything to avoid any extra obstacle. An unlocked door or window is an easy way to get in and out quickly. It also limits the evidence left behind. So get in the habit of checking doors and windows either before you leave your house or settling down for the night.
Do not put off evaluating your home’s safety features for another time. Get to work today ensuring you and your home remain safe.

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