Homes for Those with Disabilities

  • August 10, 2015

People with disabilities or those who struggle to move about freely of their own will deserve the right to a safe and high quality of life. Caring for an elderly person or living with someone with disabilities can be difficult if a home is not designed to support those with unique needs. Here are some features a home should offer to make life easier for those with disabilities:
Ramps – Stairs can greatly limit those with disabilities. Instead, ramps or easy-to-use chair lifts are a much better alternative. We do not always realize how prevalent stairs are in our lives until taking that step becomes a difficulty. Even surfaces or ramps allowing access to different levels or backyards or front doors are a great option for a wheelchair-friendly home.
Bathroom Tub/Shower – Tubs and showers are often very small spaces that require lots of moving or standing to get in and out. Today, however, there are many options for more user-friendly tubs and showers that include doors, benches, bigger areas, and handrails for those who are unable to maneuver the standard stalls and tubs themselves.
Remotes – Digitizing chores around the house can help those limited in their capabilities to perform tasks on their own. From lights to thermostats to even automatic doors, having a remote or a system that allows the person to perform these daily tasks on their own gives them the power and confidence to live independently.
Railings – Strategically placed handrails can be extremely useful for those who lose their balance or need help standing and sitting safely. Rather than constantly asking for help, handrails give the support needed to perform these tasks.
A home should provide a safe, stable, and quality of life for its residents. Those with disabilities have this same right to a home that they can feel comfortable in and live independently. There are many unique tools and options now available to make homes more easily accessible to those who struggle with daily tasks or chores. If you are caring for someone who has difficulty getting around, be sure to offer him or her the support and help they need to maintain a quality of life in their own home.

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