How to Care for Your Appliances

  • November 19, 2015

How many of you actually follow the care instructions on your appliances to make them perform better and last longer? Maybe you haven’t even read them since moving in or purchasing new ones. If so, here are some quick tips on how to get the most out of your appliances with minimal maintenance.
Dishwasher – There are a couple of easy things you can do to maintain your dishwasher. First, be sure to keep the main areas free of debris. Wipe down the edges of the door and clear away anything that could obstruct the washer from properly working such as large chunks of food. Also, a great trick for keeping your dishwasher clean is to put two cups of vinegar in the bottom of your dishwasher and run it on a low cycle with nothing else inside. If smell is a problem, add some baking soda to the floor of the washer along with the vinegar to help absorb odors at the same time you clean.
Clothes Dryer – We use this appliance so frequently and are accustomed to filling it with cleaned items (straight from the washing machine!) that it can easily slip our minds that the dryer needs occasional cleaning. Be sure to clean the lint filter after every load to prevent a major backup or even a fire. Check for lint inside the drum and remove it immediately. Also, check all pockets and clothing for items you may have missed to avoid running items other than clothes through the machine.
Refrigerator – Although the coils are not usually visible, these play an essential role in your refrigerator running properly. Periodically clean off the coils to ensure they are able to function how they were intended. Run a cloth along them to clean off dust or anything else that has gotten stuck on them. Also, keep the seals around the doors clean and free of debris so the seal remains strong thereby preventing air from escaping or the refrigerator from having to work extra hard.
Microwave – Everyone accidentally spills food or makes a mess on the interior of a microwave. Be sure to clean it up immediately and keep the interior clean. In doing this, you are allowing the sensors to work properly without having dried or burnt food along the sides. Close the door carefully to prevent damaging the seal and latch of the microwave. It can be dangerous if a microwave “leaks.” And never run the microwave empty. The energy a microwave produces is intended to be absorbed by the item in the machine and if it is being run empty, the energy bouncing around could cause serious damage to both the machine and anything else nearby.

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