Safety in the Field

  • February 09, 2015

As the housing season ramps up, let us take a minute to reevaluate our safety procedures in the field. It has been a hot topic lately and one that should not be overlooked. Here are some basic tips to help ensure your safety while on the job and working with clients:
·  Gather Information – Know exactly with whom you are meeting. Request identification beforehand to verify you meet with the person who requested the showing of a property.
·  Buddy System – Feeling uncomfortable? Take a buddy. Whether another professional or a family member, do not show up alone if you have any reservations about the validity of the request to see a property. Or better yet, make it a habit to always have someone with you not matter what the situation.
·  Inform Others – Never go into the field without telling someone where exactly you will be and with whom you are meeting.
·  Implement a Check-In Policy – Talk to management about implementing a safety plan. Establish a system for people to share where they will be and someone with whom they will check in.
·  Be Ready – Devise a plan in the event something goes awry. Having clear steps to follow will allow for a quick response time and the prevention of a serious situation.
·  Report Suspicious Persons – Inform your local police department as well as your company if you encounter a suspicious person. Be on the lookout for strange requests which could include:
     o   Requests that you show a property alone.
     o   Conflicting information on what they are looking for.
     o   They know a lot about you even if you haven’t met before.
Listen to your gut and common sense. If something does not feel right, take the necessary steps to make sure you stay safe. Do not worry about looking “silly” or “paranoid” when it comes to implementing safe business practices. Report any suspicious behavior to ensure other business professionals are warned of a potential danger. We can all work together to create a safe environment.  

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