Safety Tips for Remodeling

  • October 06, 2015

Many homeowners at some point do a bit of remodeling to their home throughout the years. While most of the focus goes into specifics, budget, and new designs, a oft overlooked part of the project could potentially be the most important one: safety.
Follow these steps to ensure a safe environment while working through a remodel or home project:
Proper Lighting – Consider using motion-sensor lighting to light up areas that may be uneven or a new route for those walking around at night. Motion-sensor lights or a dim light that keeps the area visible can prevent tripping and falling over tools, cords, or new walls.
Use Cones or Caution Tape – Clearly label where work is being done. While it may seem obvious, to pets or kids running around, it could prove a very dangerous area if not clearly marked.
Sealed Off Area – If there will be a lot of debris in the area or chemicals used, it is important to seal off the area from the rest of the home to avoid the spreading of potentially toxic materials.
Signs – This might seem like a silly idea to hang signs in your home but it is a great way to communicate with other family members or even guests what is going on so they don’t accidentally do something to delay the project. Whether it be notifying everyone fresh paint has been applied, new floorboards installed, or electrical wires being rerouted, a sign will alert others to be more aware of a particular area or feature.
Tape – Always use tape to secure cords to the floor. Loose cords are a huge tripping hazard dangerous to anyone walking by.
Proper Clothing – When entering an area being remodeled, make sure everyone is wearing the proper clothing and footwear. Sneakers, jeans, and t-shirts are generally considered to be appropriate clothing that provide more protection against nails on the floor, splinters on walls, or anything else that could potentially get caught on or harm skin.
Be safe when remodeling and the project overall will go more smoothly and stress-free.

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