Social Media Safety

  • October 28, 2014

Your password is your first line of defense. In an effort to help you stay safe online, we have put together these basic guidelines to take into consideration when selecting a password for your social media accounts. 
Select a unique password that is at least 7 characters.
While different services may have different requirements for password length, the general rule of thumb is at least 7 characters. Most hackers use bots that are capable of trying multiple variations of letters in very little time, so the longer, the better.
Use both upper and lower case characters.
Passwords are case sensitive, which means having both upper and lower case letters makes it even stronger.
Include at least one number.
Try swapping out letters for numbers or weaving numbers into your password.
Use symbols.
Include at least one symbol. Try switching ‘a’ for @ for an easy solution. 
Use a different password for every account.
Whether it is for a social media account, e-mail address, or network login, it is important to use a different, unique password for every account. If a hacker gains access to one account, chances are they’ll try to get into all of them.
Change passwords often.
The more often you change it, the safer your accounts will be. Try not to recycle previously used passwords.
Pro tip.
Use a sentence (minus the spaces) as your password, known as a ‘pass phrase’. For example: CMG*sProfessional$AreIndustryExperts!

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