Finding the right partnership starts with finding the right lender. Partnerships come in all shapes and sizes. Builders, realtors, and other organizations partner with us to create a new mortgage experience. We are a multi-channel lender dedicated to tailoring a partnership model for each particular organization that chooses us.


With over 25 years in the mortgage industry, our leadership instills a communicative company culture. Our CEO Chris George, Chairman of the MBA, exemplifies passion for the industry. Our mantra, “Every Customer, Every time, No Exceptions, No Excuses.” is reflected by our an NPS score of 4.8. Our clients enjoy working with us because we as a direct lender have the ability to provide communication, create opportunities, and get the job done no matter what time of the day.

Chris Harris
Chris Harris

Vice President, National Joint Venture Manager

Joint Venture
What does a partnership give you?

A partnership gives you the opportunity to increase revenue generation that you never thought existed. We pave a pathway to build a company with a simple curated designed model that can be easily implemented to launch into the industry. Benefits include:

  • Clear and strategic operation support
  • A dedicated full in-house marketing team
  • Professionalism of mortgage company that the partner has control over
  • Powerful recruitment strategy to hire passionate sales and operational staff
  • Innovative technology that creates new business and streamlines the transaction
  • Partnership channel dedicated to the nuances of the business relationship
  • Over 160 products designed to help every situation including exclusive productssuch as All In One Loan and HomeFundIt
    • All In One – Offset mortgage designed to give homeowners financial freedom
    • HomeFundIt – A platform that is designed to help first-time home buyers increase their down payment