How to Pick Content

  • March 24, 2015

Have you ever sat down to spruce up your social media profiles and then realized “I have no idea what I should post to be most effective”? You are not alone. Picking content is not something that should be taken lightly as this is how you are engaging with your audience and establishing your professionalism and knowledge. Make sure you are building the appropriate reputation by following our basic tips.
1. Establish your audience. – Who are you engaging with? Your audience does not have to be one group of people but multiple: clients, Realtors, business partners. The key is knowing who they are and making sure you are talking with each of them. One post might prove to be extremely beneficial to a Realtor and yet hold no information for a client.
2. Time of day. – When are your audiences active on social media? Take a look at when they are posting and gain insight into the habits of different groups. Clients are usually most active at night and on weekends looking for a home while business partners are perhaps more early-morning weekday people looking for industry-related information as they start their day.
3. Business is done early. – Let’s face it. We head into the office (or maybe even right when our alarm goes off) and we are checking emails and browsing the news. What do we need to plan for? How is our day shaping up? Business is usually taken care of before anything else. Focus any social media posts around this fact. Anything too light-hearted will most likely be overlooked as people are focused on business.
4. Fun comes later. – Have a fun article? Share it on Friday or later in the afternoon. As people are winding down, these posts are likely to get more attention.
5. Variety. – Adding variety to your posts keeps people wondering what will come next and interested in what you have to share. Mix up serious content with helpful information as well as some light-hearted stories. Now you have the perfect combination of content to keep your audiences interested.

6. Identify resources. – Establish  which websites are known for relevant and trusted information and share directly from these sites. 

Recognize the ebb and flow of a normal day and use it to your advantage.

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